Home Inspection – Electrical

http://www.homeownerseries.com Overview The Electrical System in a house is often unseen as its main components are hidden in the structure itself however; i…

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  1. hiuno11 says:

    If this is aimed at the homeowner, here are numerous unsafe practices
    practices shown and inaccurate statements in this video.

  2. Andorian323 says:

    Such as?

  3. Jim Turner says:

    You are teaching inaccurate information. It is Single-Strand Aluminum
    wiring that is the concern…not Multi-Strand Aliminum wiring as you show
    in this video. MSA is commonly used today and perfectly safe. And I agree
    with hiuno11…you are teaching unsafe techniques to lay-people. AND there
    are many other defects inside that electrical panel.

  4. Entropy Concepts says:
  5. McCurdy Electric says:
  6. NJ Public Adjuster says:

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  7. anjelina jely says:
  8. Jack Martin says:

    Telling random people to remove the covers on their main service panel and
    expose live terminals is not a good idea. They just dont have the respect
    of electricity to do this safely.