HANDYMAN-tips-common electrical safety

Some common electrical safety points fo you to note!!! Handyman tips series brougnt to you by :http://myhomehandyman.co.uk/ Another tip from the HANDYMAN. .y…

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  1. userofthesite says:

    I think a new word should be invented as dangerous isn’t severe enough.

  2. m says:

    are u a dumb fuck or what. how would you get a shock touching the earth pin
    on a plug

  3. m says:

    also showers are protected at the comsumer unit by rcd, that fuse conection
    unit is for the fan, o i guess unless u fitted it. people dont listen to
    this guy

  4. crazyidiot007 says:

    Electrical safety? With him?? LOL! I guess it might be possible to get a
    shock off the earth pin if he’s been at the wiring! A POWER SHOWER SHOULD
    NEVER BE WIRED INTO A FUSED SPUR LIKE THAT! They are up to 13A and the
    power shower could use around 45A for a 10.5Kw one. God help us!

  5. mastergx1 says:

    Holy crap this guy does’nt have the first clue what hes talking about. I
    would bang on about all the crap hes come out with but everyone below me
    has already done that. This guy is one of those “Jack of all Trades, Master
    of Fuck All” types.

  6. sadoldgeorge says:

    DO NOT take any notice of ANY of these “tips” You may well DIE as a
    result.. Electricity is VERY dangerous. BE WARNED

  7. Grizzly01 says:

    George Hutchful, for that is this idiot’s name, is a complete charlatan,
    and his advise should be roundly ignored by all. Moron.

  8. Laxcarl says:

    @MrTodd198126 Silly bigot.

  9. mozer30 says:

    Holly shit,this guy is dangerous as all the others have stated already! Now
    if your stupid enough to take any of his advice then let god be with you!
    NOT THAT IM RELIGIOUS!! but if there were to be a higher being,he’s the
    only chance of saving your sorry ass.BE WARNED!!!

  10. aptsys says:

    Sorry but the joke is on you for this one. A power shower only uses
    electricity to pump the water. They need a hot and cold water supply.
    You’re thinking of an instantaneous electric shower.