Goose Project – Video 5 – Air Force Electrical Engineer Interview + Completed

Video 5 in the series: Ed shows the completed “Prototype A” with entire-wing roll control. Live and in person, special guest “Rob” (a real Air Force Electric…

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  1. Alex Rodriguez says:

    you can do this for the wing control watch?v=CiFNqeDQeJ8

  2. ed5k says:

    Oh cool – other people have done full wing movment also! I see how he has
    hidden the servos in the body covered by the wings. Pretty cool – thanks
    for the link!

  3. Timmy Forson says:

    Have you had a chance to test fly that thing? The vertical stab looks a bit
    small. I like the idea, seems cool!

  4. ed5k says:

    Short answer is: “Yes” 🙂 I need to edit together a couple of different
    clips and I’ll have a new video out on it – hopefully soon. If you
    *subscribe* you’ll be notified when it comes out… …hint, hint. 😉 And
    yes, good eye, I did have to beef up the vertical stab…

  5. twanna ra says:

    when is the next vid

  6. ed5k says:

    Subscribe and you will know. Seriously – I’m not sure exactly, so that is
    the best way for you to get notified that the next one is up. Thanks for
    the interest. – Ed