Ferrule crimping – An easy way to improve reliability of electrical connections.

Using a ferrule can speed up electrical installations, ensure consistency across connectors. They make life easier for electricians performing maintenance activities in the future by making it easy to remove and replace wires without damaging the conductor or retwisting strands together.

To demonstrate ferrules in this electrical tutorial we are using a Wiha ratchet crimping tool. This tool can cope with conductors from 0.08mm2 up to 16mm2. A unique feature of the Wiha crimp tool is the guide plate which is sized to allow easy handling of smaller crimp ferrules.

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Tool featured in this video
Wiha Z62000506SB Crimping Tool
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Knipex ferrule starter kits from Rapid Electronics
Uninsulated (no plastic shoulder) – https://bit.ly/35syeUo
Insulated – https://bit.ly/3fdT65Y
Twin – https://bit.ly/3aVsLX3

This is the first in a series of videos looking at Ferrule crimping.
Part 2 – Ferrule colour codes, types and tips – https://youtu.be/58t4wac8zCw

Download a printable ferrule colour code – useful for the workshop or your ferrule storage box.

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