Episode 43 – Electrical Exams and My Experiences With Them

The first exam I took was after 2 years into my apprenticeship. This test was for my Residential Wireman’s License. It was a fairly easy test, but still 4 hours of daunting information that you have to try to find. I passed it on the first try with barely any knowledge of the NEC code book. I literally used the back index and searched for terms, then hunted through the book for the answers.

The next test I took was my Unrestricted Journeyman’s License exam. This was a much harder test. I had a few more years of experience under my belt by this point, and had started using the code book more frequently. So I figured I’d just go into the testing center and take the exam. No problem right? Well…as it turns out the level of difficulty jumped up. I failed by ONE question! So I found a local Journeyman Electrician Test Prep course and paid a few hundred dollars to go through 3 days of intense codebook training. Boy did it work…the information I came across was stuff I’d never had known about had I not taken the class. They went deep into code knowledge, calculations, and electrical theory. Money well spent, as I passed the Journeyman Exam immediately after taking this course.

I took my Master Electrician Exam and passed my first go around, but I attribute that to studying for a solid year before taking it. I practiced with practice tests mostly. I also bought a bunch of Mike Holt’s electrical study materials and almost every study guide and practice test/book I could find.