Episode 36 – Mistakes I Made As An Apprentice Electrician

I’ve learned to slow down over the years, and really pay attention to what I’m doing. From early on I chose to pay for my mistakes, and anything I messed up. As an apprentice/helper you don’t get paid the best at first so this really made an impact in my wallet. But that was a huge teacher for me. Being broke and paying for my mistakes helped me not make as many mistakes.

In the electrical trade you are working with a force that is very dangerous. It is your responsibility as an apprentice to watch the guys around you and make sure they are safe. It is also your job as a journeyman and a master to do the same. There’s no reason that you and your crew should not make it home to your families at the end of the day. Being an electrician is dangerous, sure…but that can be significantly reduced by watching out for and communicating with one-another.

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