Episode 10 Why You Should Be An Electrician If You’re Looking For A New Career

Being an electrician may not seem as glorifying as your average manicured desk job. Your fingernails will not stay clean, no amount of hair gel can keep your mop in place, and you will be risking your life on a daily basis…….BUT, I swear it’s the one job that finally changed my life.

Without needing a degree, or having any relevant experience I was hired as an electrical Apprentice. I started out working in a residential construction environment, wiring multi-million dollar homes. It was cool seeing how the “other side” lives, and after a little while I got good at doing it. A year in I was working on commercial jobs, and seeing how businesses and large buildings were constructed. This was a lot dirtier, exhausting work but I was intrigued at how much more advanced it seemed than just wiring a house.

After a year of doing this I really started to understand that electricity is not this “bolt” thing. It’s a very hypothetical science that we try to understand and harness, but there’s still no law of electrons because we’ve never seen one. Seeing the science and math behind behind this super powerful force made me instantly fall in love with it. The fact that it’s hard to understand and takes years of study before you grasp the full picture makes it a perfect career choice for anyone out there looking for a change.

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