I Applied for my 1st job. I finally did it!! I PRAY IT GOES WELL. I will be updating you guys on the process!! THANKS FOR WATCHING. Nope i didn’t not apply for an electrician job because I can’t seem to find any helper positions. if you guys know of any electrician helper positions please let me know. Ill def. take advantage. I want to give a shout out to @keeping it 100 experiences. keeping it 100 experiences was very nice on communication and even shared two of my videos which greatly helped me. In the future we will collab and i look forward to it.

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RELATED CHANNELS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwf9


Come to class with me as I make normal parts of the day funny. Come to class with me to find out why? come to class with me!
If you ever wanted to know what an Electrician trade school looks like on the inside here’s your chance to see an Electrician trade school first hand as i give you a tour of my Electrician trade school. I am a female and I have decided to document my entire process of becoming a female electrician as female electrician barley exist in the world and I’m not afraid to become a female electrician. My brother does electrical. My cousins do electrical, my family as a whole has a lot of folks who do electrical so i decided to become an electrician. I hope you enjoy me documenting my process of becoming an electrician. This is going to be a nice, long and funny journey. I want to give you all a tour, as this tour will be lit. The most lit tour ever. Electrician training is something that we all need to go through to take electrical training. As we take electrical training we can master our knowledge and become better at electrical. Electrician training will prepare us to be electrical training. electrician school is usually one year. My electrician school is one year long and i will have my NCCER certification at level one and two. Its going to be a long year of electrician school so I want to incite y’all to see my electrician school. I want to show ya’ll my electrician courses. electrician courses will prepare we fully. In electrician courses we can learn a lot. I will record in my electrician classes, as electrician classes are fun. Come join my electrician classes. This is my school tour. I love my school tour. My school tour is fun. I can’t wait to learn more about GCFI, Im going to do videos on GCFI. Stay tuned for GCFI. A day in the life of a union electrician. A union electrician looks cool. what the difference in a union electrician and regular one.

In this video you will learn a lot of valuable information to obtain your TWIC CARD and learn the ins and outs of all of the documents needed to obtain your Twic card in the Twic card process. In the Twic card process i take you though it step by step. Alot of different jobs require a twic card. electricians, truckers, any plant positions. electricians, truckers, any plant positions, welcome to the video. You will learn twic card requirements to obtain a Twic card and get a twic card job. electrical is my area, what yours? I hope i broke down everything clearly and kept you entertained to understand how you can become an electrician or female trucker or whatever. female electrician.