Electrical Work Safety Awareness Training

• Clear safety induction procedure training
• Determining hazardous work areas and taking safety precautions
• Increased awareness of various accident / incident scenarios
• Safety induction training for using various electrical appliances and machines
• Acts as a great tool for safety training

ASK EHS Safety Animation Movies cover various modules that can be easily used for safety training. Some of the other safety animation training movies include:

• Hot work safety training movies
• Height work safety training movies
• Lifting work safety training movies
• Accident investigation animation movies
• Safety Induction training movies for equipments
• Safety induction training movies for large machines and processes

Some of the major benefits enjoyed by corporations using this approach are listed below:
• Enhanced safety management resulting in drastic reduction of accidents / mishaps
• Awareness of accident & near-miss incident scenarios
• Increase in productivity as a direct result of lesser accidents and more productive man hours

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