Electrical Vs Computer Engineering Vs Computer Science | A Side by Side Comparison

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Electrical Engineering: http://flowcharts.calpoly.edu/downloads/mymap/15-17.52EEBSU.pdf

Computer Science: http://flowcharts.calpoly.edu/downloads/mymap/15-17.52CSCBSU.pdf

Computer Engineering: http://flowcharts.calpoly.edu/downloads/mymap/15-17.52CPEBSU.pdf

►Course Descriptions

Electrical Engineering: http://catalog.calpoly.edu/coursesaz/ee/

Computer Science: http://catalog.calpoly.edu/coursesaz/csc/

Computer Engineering: http://catalog.calpoly.edu/coursesaz/cpe/

Electrical Engineering Technical Electives: http://www.ee.calpoly.edu/tech-electives/

Engineering Support Electives: http://www.ee.calpoly.edu/non-ee-tech-electives/

In this video I give a side by side comparison of the college courses in electrical engineering, computer engineering, and computer science. Note that I really didn’t ‘count’ some of the intro classes as “major classes” cause they are just the very basics. You’ll also notice that all these majors take most of the same support courses which is why I only went over those briefly. With electives everyone’s schedule will look different, but you can expect most of these classes in each respective major.

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