Electrical Troubleshooting: The Techniques You Need To Know

It used to be easy to turn away electrical work or pass it on to the shop down the street. Do that today, though, and you’ll be losing a lot of work! Let’s f…

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  2. KontagiousKoil says:

    Thank you for the great training.

  3. Steve Rob says:

    Not sure who your targeting your presentation to but from my perspective
    its definitely not me. At the 40 minute mark of a 1 1/2 hour presentation
    there was nothing but rehashed basic electrical theory you have used in
    many previous sessions before. I do not wish to sound negative but I
    wonder who your target audience is , the people like me who follows
    someone like Scannerdanner or yourselves. I will check in from time to
    time to your channel and see if your seminars have progressed to a level I
    find more appealing . Your very good presenters and I assume many of
    your audience members find your information quite useful. 

  4. Wilson Fer says:

    I like all your traning videos mr Pete and G and all the group of guys
    (motor age, tst) that get together to talk and to teach about electrical
    troubleshooting, circuits, voltage drop, etc… these videos have been a
    great help and a big blessing for me. I have learned a lot from you guys.
    Im sure there are thousands of people out there that learn as much as i
    learn from you guys every time i wacth your videos. Thank you and i
    encourage you guys to keep doing the excelent job that you do. God bless
    you all 

  5. David Landman says:

    TST & MOTOR AGE you guys are helping alot of technicians keeping
    employment. Your electrical training is straight to the point. I have
    learnt alot David( UK)

  6. organicherbalcoffees says:

    Video camera should be zoomed on monitor while talking about subject. 

  7. ABflanagan523 says:

    Loved the video, great help to me. I’m an electrician for the US Navy
    Seabees. The three soldiers looking at the map gave me a good laugh.

  8. Larry Maloney says:

    You guys are mixing shop talk with electrical theory in different
    applications. You need a real electrical instructor!

  9. Larry Maloney says:

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    menopause, and perhaps her weight. Is the furnace temp set too high? Or the
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    Check your libido, your “T” level, any suppressed latent tenancies on your
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  10. Larry Maloney says:

    At one hour, sixteen minutes I don’t know from where you are taking ground
    readings…then you point IN the trunk but don’t show the meter reading so
    I don’t know what is a “good” reading and what is “bad”. I know the topic
    like a second language but can’t translate your comments to know what’s
    happening. You managed to extend a ten minute test procedure to over an
    hour and a half. Why?

  11. Greg Gagnon says:

    Great training video. At 57 I”m proof you can teach an old dog new tricks

  12. Christi Price says:

    This video is really good so far, I am in a trouble shooting class and
    tomorrow is my final. So far yall are helping me out. Knowing what my
    meter should read is my main problem.

  13. junior alvarez says:

    Great video boss good help california lb 

  14. junior alvarez says:

    Great video boss good help california lb