Electrical System of the Heart

More free lessons at: http://www.khanacademy.org/video?v=7K2icszdxQc See where the pacemaker cells start the electrical wave of depolarization, and how it ge…

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  1. Michael Bradshaw says:

    Relatively pretty accurate, even for a med student.

  2. Daniel Stanley says:

    Salute. Beautiful explanation and I can easily understand the Heart and how
    it functions now. Keep uploading brilliant videos like these.

  3. Elvina Kylyukh says:

    You sound exactly like Dr. Avery from Grey’s Anatomy..! Great vid btw

  4. Kirsty lomas says:

    this video is exactly what I needed, so easy to understand . Thanks

  5. Nugroho Satrio says:

    Thanks,it’s easy to understand

  6. Robbert Tettero says:

    It’s very easy to understand, I’ll check more videos!

  7. Ashry Tamaya says:

    Many thanks for you :)

  8. Ameen Muhammad says:

    Great ©

  9. TheMichalCe says:

    Thanks, You are great!

  10. Ana Cedeno says:

    Wonderful Tutorial ! Thanks so much!!!!!!

  11. Terry R says:

    That was a better explanation than my text book. Thank you!

  12. lucy lou says:

    is there a video on the correlation of the waves of an ECG with mechanical
    events in the atria and ventricles?

  13. Denise Chavez says:


  14. thomas roland says:

    the body is converting electrical energy to mechanical energy

  15. MegaCcharles says:

    Great presentation!

  16. Clifford Charles says:

    Very good presentation.

  17. Lettie Castaneda says:

    You are the Michelangelo of teaching.

  18. jac bien says:

    i wish this is how it was discussed in school. the complexity of this
    mechanism coupled with my teacher’s almost indecipherable way of speaking
    is too much to really comprehend this matter

  19. Nohzat Noorzai says:

    Your amazing ! Thanks for such a good information 🙂 

  20. Night Elf says:

    Awesome video, tyvm for making it!!

  21. Gus Dowier says:

    thank you good sir

  22. CookieCrumblesify says:

    At 7:11 I hissed like a snake lol

  23. Khaled Albeshi says:

    THANK YOU . THANK YOU. THANK YOU. oh man you are awesome . 

  24. zaza zafstens says:

    thank christ for youtube though really. awesome vid man.

  25. Richard Ore says:

    how can i make a video like u did in this video.
    P.S. Nice work in your videos