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What is main switchboard?
Main switchboard is a switchboard directly supplied by the main source of electrical power and intended to distribute electrical energy to the unit’s services.

What is sub switchboard?
A distribution switchboard is the point at which an incoming-power supply divides into separate circuits, each of which is controlled and protected by the fuses or switchgear of the switchboard

What is the difference between a switchboard and a panelboard?
What’s the difference between Switchgear, Switchboard and Panelboard? … A switchboard is typically a low-voltage (240–690V) three-phase panel containing manually operated molded-case circuit breakers. A panelboard is typically a low-voltage single-phase distribution panel with single- and two-pole circuit breakers.

What is DB Electrical?
A distribution board (also known as panelboard, breaker panel, or electric panel) is a component of an electricity supply system that divides an electrical power feed into subsidiary circuits, while providing a protective fuse or circuit breaker for each circuit in a common enclosure.

What is MSB electrical?
MSB stands for Main Switch Board. Suggest new definition.

What is SSB electrical?
ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTIC. SSB. DB. • Rated Operational Voltage (V AC)

What is an electrical switchgear?
In an electric power system, switchgear is the combination of electrical disconnect switches, fuses or circuit breakers used to control, protect and isolate electrical equipment. Switchgears are used both to de-energize equipment to allow work to be done and to clear faults downstream.
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