Electrical Services

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Electrical Services

As electrical contractors we deal with a wide range of electrical work from changing a light switch to wiring a house. If you want anything done involving something electrical, then its safe to say we will be able to help you out but for a rough guide of what areas we cover we have a list below. There is no job too large or too small, contact us for more information.


House Rewires

People usually have their houses rewired at the same time as a renovation or if there has been a fault and tests have shown a rewire is recommended. House cables can suffer wear and tear over the years and keeping the electrical installation upto date is a good precautionary measure against any safety problems.

A house rewire is quite a long process, not only does the cable need replacing but all switches, sockets and lighting removed and checked aswell as the fuse box which would be changed at the same time. If your property is quite old and the wiring not checked for sometime, it is advised to have it inspected and perhaps changed.


Electrical Fault Finding

Various faults can occur in electrical systems and can be due to a number of different problems which is where fault finding is necessary. If fuses blow regularly or something has stopped working then we will need to trace the fault. It is highly recommended you do not try to correct any faults yourself, there could be further reasons why a problem is occuring. As skilled engineers we will properly diagnose any fault and correct it for you.


New Lighting and Power Circuits

There are times when a new socket is needed. Many older houses have less sockets because there were less electrical appliances in comparison to today and often need more. An extension leads is a possibility but too many could overload that particular cicuit and be dangerous. We can add more sockets to make your life easier.

Modern lighting comes in many varieties and often requires new cable to be run. We can set up new lighting for you and add the components so it is ready to be used.


Inspection and Testing

Inspection and testing of a properties wiring helps to ensure the continued safert of that installation and this is true for both domestic and commercial properties.

A Domestic Installation Certificate proves the electrical system is safe and is often required when you wish to sell your property.

A Domestic Minor Works Certificate is required when any small alterations are carried out on the electrical system in a property to ensure it is safe. For example, a change of lighting will require it to be tested and a minor work certificate filled out.


Fire, Smoke and Security Alarms

Fire/ Smoke alarms potentially save lives and are a great early warning system in the event of a fire. The majority of modern buildings have then installed as standard but for an older property this is not always the case and it is highly recommended anyone without an alarm has one installed.

Security systems are popular today and there are many systems available. We will be able to advise you on what will work best for your property and install it for you.


These are just a few of the electrical work we carry out. If you have any needs in regards to electrical wiring and components in your property then we will be able to help you so contact us today.