Electrical Safety Hazards at Home

In this video, Steve Smith, General Manager for Central Region, Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) walks through a home and identifies common electrical safet…

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  1. cargo247 says:

    Great job mr smith.

  2. Rick Moroz says:

    still handsome !!

  3. Comtec Electrical says:

    I wish the British Columbia Safety Authority would follow suit with social
    media accounts and info like this

  4. Captain Electric says:

    The ESA’s (Electrical Safety Authority) newest video on common electrical
    safety hazards found in the home, and how to avoid them:

    Electrical Safety Hazards at Home

  5. Judy Smith says:

    Really good job, Mr. Smith! Am posting it to my FB page.

  6. Gra Gor says:

    I forewarded it on to them today.

  7. David A. Lucas says:

    I like to work with electricity. This is a Great, and informative video.
    Thanks !!!

  8. malwaretester2000 says:

    You sure they will blow up your circuit breaker should stop the flow before
    a fire starts