Electrical HELLLLLLPPPPPP!!!!! CMHH 6-25-12

Subscribe =) I f’d something up and need help!!! Some how some of my outlets are not working now. The tester says the hot/ground are reversed…Please give m…

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  1. Steve's Haunted Yard says:

    Well I know im no help but I hope someone will chime in soon

  2. DancerMDX says:

    I’ll have Mel watch this tonight when he’s off. He fixes stuff a lot. 🙂

  3. Pcolasparky86 says:

    you have a bad recptacle somewhere or the fixture for your porch light is
    bad, somewhere your hot & neutral are touching…. im an electrician so
    thats my 1st guess… or a tripped GFCI

  4. DeadThingsYardhaunt says:

    I googled ‘electrical hot and ground reversed” and it took me to Selfhelp
    forum. I tried to post it here but wouldn’t let me.

  5. godsflesh says:

    I would start at the light switch it self. Nothing happened till u flipped
    the switch. Also something could have chewed at the wires in the attic.
    Hope u figure it out man sorry

  6. Columbia Manor Haunted House says:

    So I went and completely removed the porch light. I covered the bare ends
    and powered back on the breakers…No change…Whats a GFCI? haha

  7. Columbia Manor Haunted House says:

    Thanks! Im taking baby steps trying to figure this out =)

  8. Columbia Manor Haunted House says:

    So I just removed the porch light, covered the bare ends and same thing…
    Dude what if there are monsters in the attic?????

  9. Columbia Manor Haunted House says:

    holy crap thats alot of outlets! There are 6 that I know of scattered
    through out the house not working..I removed the porch light and covered
    the bare ends…still the same…

  10. Columbia Manor Haunted House says:

    haha…well thanks anyways, haha..Maybe Don?

  11. Columbia Manor Haunted House says:

    Cool…I need my power! haha

  12. dionicia12 says:

    GFCI is ground fault circuit interrupter. Usually there is a button on some
    outlets that you can press that say test and reset. You might need to open
    up all the outlets to see if one of them is mis-wired.

  13. Pcolasparky86 says:

    a GFCI are those plugs with resets on them, check to see if there are any
    and reset them, if problem persists, carefully remove the light switch for
    the porch light, (power off) and see if any wires are burned, corroded, or
    touching something they shouldnt.. im guessing somewhere between the light
    and panel you have an issue with one of your plugs

  14. Columbia Manor Haunted House says:

    Gotcha…thats what I thought..its a house from the 80s so it doesnt have
    anything fancy like that =( I think I am huh…grrrrrrr

  15. dionicia12 says:

    My house is from the 70s and I have one in each bathroom. You can always
    add those types of outlets to parts of the house that need them.

  16. ramath ltol says:

    Have done some elctrical work i can tell you now if it was a GFI out let
    being triped then your tester would not light up at all there would be no
    power to anything done the line past the outlet so thats definatly out,,
    you did say it started with porch light?? id sugest 2 things,, turn off the
    power that area open up the porch light and check the wireing the hot whire
    might have a problem thats causeing it to arch out aginst the ground or
    neutral wire or the wire may have come loose,

  17. ramath ltol says:

    if thats looks ok then open up the switch that controls the light and check
    the wires and switch for the same thing.. if that looks ok then the only
    other thing i can think of is to just go through and pull out all the
    outlets and switches on the circit and check the wires if you find any of
    the out lets or switched have sut on the back of them then that means
    eather the items has shorted out and you have to replace them or the wires
    for that item are arching out and need to be repaired,

  18. deoblo85 says:

    probly just your porch light pull it off the wall and look and see which
    wire is grounding out and if thats not it take the covers off all the plugs
    effected and pull the plugs out to look for burn or damaged wires more then
    likely you’ll find it that way !! HFL!!

  19. Columbia Manor Haunted House says:

    Thanks..I took off the porch light and covered the bare ends…Next step
    today is to play with the switch box and see if thats it….im hoping so or
    else people are telling me to check the outlet chain next….eek!

  20. Columbia Manor Haunted House says:

    Thanks Ram! Im checking the switch next…im hoping that all it
    is….Fingers crossed!

  21. Columbia Manor Haunted House says:

    haha…ill double check but i think they are all old school…thanks =)

  22. deoblo85 says:

    if it dont work i’ve seen a shit load of plugs and switches go bad ive had
    a couple bad ones myself …take the cover off unscrew the outlet or switch
    pull it out and you should see it broken or burned try that first before
    you look in the attic!! oh and turn the breaker off first and cory the hot
    and ground reverse just means someone wired them wrong they were more then
    likely already like that !! dont worry about that just do the above steps
    and you”ll find it trust me !!! HFL!!

  23. HalloweenFXfiles says:

    You might have lost connection in one of the wires from the daisy chained
    outlets in that circuit line.. chk and see if you get power or not on both
    top and bottom outlets from each receptacle thats out.. if you get power
    from one of them and not the other then maybe that outlet needs to be
    replaced to give the proper daisy chain to the rest of the circuit..

  24. Columbia Manor Haunted House says:

    dude thanks so much for all your advice! I have taken some notes and will
    run through all of them…Im posting an update right now…you have been

  25. r bull says:

    Have the same problem, replaced room with new outlets all came up correct
    double yellow until I plug something in and get ” hot neu reverse”.