Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers design, develop, test and oversee the development and manufacturing of electrical systems and equipment such as electric motors, radar a…

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  1. MYKWAN3 says:

    good insight i plan on this being my minor as i major in civil engineering

  2. alisunderani says:

    i may be wrong but i don’t think you can have a minor in engineering

  3. MYKWAN3 says:

    yea you can at the Citadel

  4. Drake Tylor says:


  5. Drake Tylor says:


  6. Drake Tylor says:


  7. Altazmuth says:

    I love this. I wish so much I could have been good in math.

  8. Mulatto Mann says:

    It’s never too late to learn.

  9. أبو أسامة الجزراوي says:

    2:15 she looks like the guy from 24 series.

  10. Humanchimpsmokes says:

    I’m going to be like tony stark

  11. MAHMOOD_OMAN says:


  12. Cobrastarzz1 says:

    Actually you can have a minor…where i’m from you can choose to have a
    Major in Electrical and a Minor in Computer Engineering 🙂

  13. Aeon Spark says:

    Hmm, the semiconductor/chip manufacturing industry is dwindling rapidly.
    The jobs are being replaced by….you’ve guessed it… human-engineered

  14. Evander Lemos says:

    I was born to be electrical engineering……..

  15. 1R083rt says:

    how would a person that has a misdemeanor or a felony on their record be
    affected if they pursue a career in this job field?

  16. Juan Camilo Urrego says:

    Love electrical engineering, best career ever, i almost get graduated and i
    finally found why these sacrifice worth in my life.

  17. Frank12f says:

    <3 The Video
    <3 Electrical Engineering

  18. GTcatholic0089 says:

    Seems uninteresting.