Electrical Engineering: Reality vs Expectations

JB has been working as an Electrical Engineer since 2008. He works in the power utility distribution. Meaning he gets electricity from power plants to residential homes, businesses and industrial buildings.

He graduated from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville with a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering in 2009

Louis graduated from UCF: University of Central Florida. He got a bachelors in EE and masters in mathematics. He worked as an electrician for several years while in college before working as an EE. He has worked for General Electric, and wall street. He is currently a solo-consultant for Lockheed Martin and Amec

They both work in Illinois, and are both Professional Engineers

Mp3 Recording of the video:

0:34 Introductions – Electrical Engineers

3:50 Starting as an Electrician

6:33 Realities & Expectations: Upper Level Math, Hands-On Field Work

9:29 Working At a Small Company

11:17 Sacrificing for Company or Yourself

12:11 Variety of Engineering Roles

14:59 Mentoring in Engineering

16:58 Applying Knowledge from School

19:23 Getting a PE and Climbing the Corporate Ladder

22:17 Project Management Tasks

25:34 Salary

28:28 Interactions and Collaboration with Co-Workers

32:00 Jobs That Don’t Require PE (Professional Engineer) License, EIT/FE Exam

35:35 Inspirations and Motivations of Engineering

36:26 Small Business Development and Entrepreneurship

38:07 Reinventing the Wheel, Discovery of New Knowledge

42:29 Racial Discrimination

47:40 Age Discrimination

48:56 Best Time to Take PE (Professional Engineer Exam)

52:00, 56:53 Is a Master’s Degree In Electrical Engineering Worth It?

53:47 Graduating Without Work Experience

54:39 Should People Still Major In Electrical Engineering

55:36 How to Make Yourself More Marketable For First Job?

58:20 Is It Hard To Be An Electrical Engineer?

59:09 Non-Office Field Engineering Roles

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