Electrical Comprehension Tests; what to expect, how to pass, sample questions

Jobs that require an electrical or technical knowledge, will sometimes require you to undertake an Electrical Comprehension test.

Electrical Comprehension tests are specifically designed to measure your performance in relation to electrical concepts. You need to engage with, and utilise, your skills and knowledge, and illustrate the key competencies and qualities required for that particular job role.

During an electrical assessment, you are most likely to encounter a range of different questions, including: simple circuits, electrical symbols, voltages, resistance, resistors, measurements, signal flow, Ohm’s Law, ammeter, diodes, currents etc.

Jobs that require you to sit an Electrical Comprehension assessment including the Royal Air Force, Armed Forces, Technical Positions, Electricians, Signal Repairers, Wiremen, Engineers, Electrical Engineering and jobs relating to Physics.

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