Electrical Accident’s

Electrical Accident’s and test’s.

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  1. Dagreenandroid says:

    The entire video was ruined by this idiotic, loud dip-shit music playing in
    the background. WTF dude?

  2. groundhog2008 says:

    What is the name of that song?? I want to download it, and use it on my
    own videos.

  3. Winslow Magne says:

    Some of the clips weren’t even about accidents.. ?

  4. Awesome In Black says:

    why the music? I want to hear the electric lol

  5. JohnWayne Lustbug says:

    heaven will be on your mind if you touch any of those exposed wires. you’ll
    be a crispy critter.

  6. Clayton Spangenberg says:

    Great clips, terrible terrible music!

  7. MAN CAVE NO.1 says:

    This is the worst music I have ever heard in my life. It literally sucks my
    will to live and may give me trouble sleeping at night. YUKKKK! (vid is
    cool…but please re-do w/out music!)

  8. Muhammad Muhammad says:


  9. reyes zambrano says:

    verga vurdad de feo

  10. Asseles Chabi says:

    what is this fuucking bad music ?

  11. Shanenator777 says:

    Interesting video, absolutely abhorrent music choice. Completely unfitting
    and very distracting.

  12. lampardy888 says:

    why is the camera shaking so much since 0:46

  13. juliño aquiño says:
  14. gamecrafters says:

    0:53 ohhh ahhhh ehhhhhh

  15. electrikals.com says:

    Horrible Electrical Accident’s

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  16. aixon says:

    Why the fuck did you put music on this video?

  17. KON KOR says:


  18. zenosxr says:

    The background music sucks ass…
    Just saying

  19. hbom1000 says:

    WORSE music ever

  20. SteveRST says:

    Whoever chose the music must be deaf.

  21. iHateRonanKeating says:

    this music is such a FUCKING MISFIT for this video.

  22. Habi8805 says:

    Also haben auch die Amis ihren Deppenapostroph … hier vollwertig!

  23. matti17690815 says:

    The last scenes is from Budapest. There was an extraordinary test in the
    High Voltage open-air labor…

  24. ArduinoPlays says:

    electrical accident’s what?

  25. gamingtr TRgaming says: