Electric Mazda MX5 Miata Eunos EV Car Conversion, Sill Repair, Charger DCDC, Underseal & Tig welding

Mazda mx5 Miata Eunos NB NA Electric car conversion episode 4

In this episode we finish repairing the rusted out drive side sill which involves some metal work and welding, Josh finishes the cad design and builds the charger dcdc plate using our in house cnc plasma cutting then tig welds it all together, we under seal the mx5 and do tech time on the charger dcdc set up.

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Full list of the parts we are using below and as seen in episode 1.

Netgain Hyper9 motor 88Kw, 220nm torque and 120bhp https://zero-ev.co.uk/product/netgain-hyper9-ac-motor-x1-controller-kit/

LG Chem 4p3s 2.6kwh battery modules x 10 giving a 26KWh pack – https://zero-ev.co.uk/product-category/battery-modules/

6.6Kw charger from TC Elcon – https://zero-ev.co.uk/product-category/chargers/

1.5kw DCDC converter – https://zero-ev.co.uk/product-category/dc-dc-converters/

Orion 2 – 36 bms battery management system with 1000amp current sensor and zero ev lvjb – https://zero-ev.co.uk/product-category/battery-management/orion-bms/

The system will be configured with a 26KWh battery pack in the front with our custom liquid cooling plates. Hyper9 motor will be coupled to the Zero EV 1.8:1 reduction gearbox and fit nicely within the original gearbox tunnel. The rear in place of the original fuel tank will be our 6.6Kw charger and DCDC converter.

Type 2 charge socket will be in place of the original fuel filler. https://zero-ev.co.uk/product/type-2-32-amp-3-phase-pre-wired-charge-connector-socket-with-3-metre-cable/

All parts can be purchased through www.zero-ev.co.uk

All the parts used come to around £18,000 this is a high quality budget conversion that meets all uk safety standards and R100.1 EU regs. Not to be mixed up with a budget DIY build we will be coving that in a future build series.

3D scanning carried out by https://www.cagedlaser.co.uk/

Thanks to PowerFlex for supplying the bushes https://powerflexstore.co.uk/

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