Do you know how is manufactured an electrical cable?

In this videoblog we will show you how an electrical cable is made. The technology needed to ensure an electrical cable stays in good working condition for s…

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  1. Venkitesh Ma says:

    good one. whats happen inside the spark tester? how its done?

  2. Ankur Agarwal says:

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  3. TopCable says:

    Thanks so much! we are glad you find the video interesting.

  4. Ketan Sheth says:

    Excellent video. Suggestion pls add real test video of cables.Reg

  5. TopCable says:

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  6. CableQuickie says:

    Awesome Video. Appreciate the effort that your team has put in making it.

  7. samir patel says:

    really good one

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  9. Jayant Mehta says:

    jayant mehta Good informative basic info. execellent presentation.

  10. ishan sharma says:

    awesome video! it is the best on cable manufacturing! i gained so much from

  11. Md.Shaiful Alam says:

    Fantastic…best video


    Impressive Overview. Thank you for shgaring!

  13. Tranquillity Landscaping says:

    Really informative 

  14. roland sequeira says:

    Question should be: Do you know how an electrical cable is manufactured?

  15. NOOR AHMED SAMIR says:

    amazing video 😀 it was so informative

  16. 孟菊 says:

    so useful for learning something about cables from beginning to the end. As
    a twisting machine seller, i must be more professional to know the cable
    and wire, good video,share to all of us.

  17. Gary White says:

    I have been in the electrical & electronic wire and cable business here in
    Canada since 1966 and in my humble opinion this is an excellent and
    informative video.

  18. Rod James says:

    Do you know how is english pronounced?

  19. michael corbo says:
  20. wag1178 says:

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  21. Raja Sekaran says:

    nice useful video clip

  22. FoodOnCrack says:

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  23. Stalin - Sterling Wilson says:

    Got some Idea … Thanks.