DIY Electrical Service trenching and conduit Installation

I will be digging the trenches and installing conduit for underground power lines to be installed to a single family house. We are going to have to trench threw a easement in order to install the conduit from the Green power box across the street to the new home location.
I will be covering the importance of calling 811” call before you dig” and also very briefly showing what can happen, when the markings on the ground aren’t marked correctly.
Underground power started more than 50 years ago to replace overhead distribution systems. Underground service installations by the power industry is complex. However it can be done and has a lot of great benefits. Lack of interest on the part of the power company should not deter you from taking advantage of the benefits of buried distribution systems.
When the estimated cost of buried services exceeds the estimated cost of aerial services by more than ten per cent, you should negotiate with the power district or developer on the following basis:
No charge where the developer, builderor, or you dig and backfills trenches for the distribution cable and all service wires.
where you digs and backfills all trenches, the developer or builder will pay that cost which exceeds the estimated cost of aerial plant by more than ten percent.
I recommend that underground power systems be used exclusively. There are certain instances where it is not feasible however theses are very rare.