DIY Easy VanLife Off Grid Electrical System | 🚐 Promaster Build Series | S2 Ep. 9

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Supplies Used:
Fuse Box –
200 AMP ANL Fuse Set –
40 AMP ANL Fuse Set (2) –
2000 Watt Inverter –
2 Gauge Wire –
Negative Bus Bar –
BEP Battery Switches (2) –
Deep Cycle Dry Cell Rechargeable Batteries (4) –
Assorted Screws, Nuts, Bolts, and Washers –
Electrical Wire Connecting Kit –
Cable Lugs-
Half Inch Plywood – Home Depot
Wood Stain (Early American) – Home Depot
Shake Proof Washers –
4 Gauge Wire –
Electrical Tape – Home Depot
Zip Ties – Home Depot
Left Over 8 Gauge Wire From Solar Panel Wires
Renogy 400 Watt Kit With 40 AMP MPPT Charge Controller

Tools Required:
Screw Gun
Voltage Tester
Wrench with assorted Sockets
Hand Saw
Jig Saw
Chop Saw
Measuring Tape
Cable Cutter

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DISCLAIMER: We do not claim to be professionals in any area of this build. We are solely building this van the way we want it with the hands-on experience that we both have. It should not be assumed that suggestions, comments, or recommendations contained in this video are a thorough explanation of construction and electrical standards and safety. We do not guarantee that these products will work for you or that they are installed by manufacturing standards. It is important to remember that a one size fits all approach is not recommended for this. These “best practices” are solely opinions from our experience building and should not be taken as professional experience. As always, construction and electrical hazards should be taken seriously and hazards should be assessed prior to building. If you are unsure of your safety or don’t feel comfortable building yourself, please consult a professional.