DIY Campervan Electrical System Explained | Battery Bank, Wire Gauge, Inverter & Solar

After several questions about our electrical system set up, we decided to create this video will help you understand the basics behind a van electrical system. We all know you’re curious about how we make our Vitamix run OFF GRID (Becca is still a little perplexed) so I hope this insight helps!

This is a tour of the electrical system we installed in our self converted Sprinter van. I will explain our 2 deep cycle AGM battery bank and how we wired them together. I will also explain the basics behind our solar panel set up and wiring up the inverter. I also go into detail behind the gauge wires to use and the difference between 12v DC and 115 or 120V AC. I will explain how to install all this in your camper van or RV or motor home. This video will teach you how to setup the electrical system on your campervan and how to wire and charge your batteries with either solar panels or shore power. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below or send me a DM

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