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Interview questions:
Branch: Electrical from Patna campus Batch: 2k8 Qualifying Year: 2013
Dear Juniors, I would like to share my feelings and interview experience so that u may be bene fited from this. Gate 2013 turned to be so easy, so that anyone can easily get r ank around 500 without any preparation. But Inspite of studying at made easy I g et 1207 Rank. I was so depressed that I cant express in words. I was able to sco re under 50 rank but the result was very bad.
BARC OCES/DGFS 2013 Program: Gate cut off was gate score 574 around 1400 rank an d I was called for Interview.
Interview Questions:
Starting with very basic question like ur name, gate score, rank, college,year o f passing,any previous job,do u get any iit blah blah…
they asked for my favorite subject. i told them M/C, power system and N/w theory.
Now here comes the technical questions.
1. where do we use transformer? 2. Do we use transformer in our home? 3. What is the o/p voltage of mobile charger.Can u calculate the rating of trans former used in Mobile charger.calculate it taking o/p voltage as 3.5 V? 4. What is SCR n what protection we use for SCR? 5. How 3-phase magnetic field is produced and also derive taht its magnitude is constant? 6. How do we control frequency and voltage ? 7. what is ferranti effect? 8. what happen to Generator and Motor during ferranti effect and also to transmi ssion line? 9. what is armature reaction and interpole winding.why we use interpole winding? 10.what is the benefits of armature reaction? 11. How torque is produced in all type of M/c.{DC,Synch,Induc} ? 12. Principle of operation of induction m/c? 13. slip and speed characteristic of Induction M/c? 14. what are classification of DC M/c ? 15. speed torque characteristic of all type of DC M/c ? 16. Importance of Power angle? 17. what are different type of distributive system? 18. After my previous answer the immediate question was benefit of radial and ri ng system? 19. then they said which is better? 20. if we provide ckt breaker for each transformer in Ring system it will be mor e better, then why don’t we use this? 21. How we can reduce harmonics? (all type of winding done to reduce harmonic) 22. A ckt was given (was a chopper ckt).and said that if we give the o/p of this ckt to a transformer,what will be the o/p waveform? 23. what is hysteresis and eddy current loss ? 24. what are the condition to be satisfied for production of torque in any m/c ? 25.How magnetic field is made sinusoidal in cylindrical and salient pole m/c? 26. Draw 3-phase AC waveform. 27. Which motor r we using in ceiling fan and how it works? 28. The very nxt ques was that if there is no capacitor provided in ceiling fan,
can u start it? 29. what is two field revolving theory? 30. what is the reason of production of torque in synchronous M/c? 31. If we remove the load, what will be happen to the torque of sync m/c? 32. Basic of stability of M/c and why for transient stability load angle can go beyond 90 degree? 33. prove W=1/2*c*v^2 34. 1-2 basic n/w ckt. with inductor and capacitor.they also used tank ckt.they made some changes and ask for change in current in a particular branch.
Beside these some conditional and practical questions were there.I don’t remembe r all the questions. around 45-50 questions was asked to me in 1 hr 40 min inter view and i answered almost 45 of them. 2-3 question they give me hint.. They ask ed me to wait outside. After 2 min they called me and give the white slip and sa id that u have a very high probability of selection.


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