Comparing Tesla, Ford, & VW's Electrical Architectures

Dale Koch – Director of Electrical Engineering at 3IS

Sam Bellestri – Director of Architecture & Systems at 3IS

Dave Warner – Senior Electrical Engineer at Munro & Associates

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0:00 Introduction
2:58 Comparing the # of ECU’s
6:52 Comparing the # of CAN buses
8:20 Comparing the Usage of Ethernet
10:11 Comparing the # of LIN buses
11:23 Comparing the Usage of LVDS Channels
12:30 Audio and the Pitfalls of “Parts Bin” Engineering
15:27 Comparing the Usage of Fuses and Relays
20:10 Volkswagen ID.4 Electrical Architecture
25:02 Tesla Model Y Electrical Architecture
26:54 Ford Mach-E Electrical Architecture
27:50 Differences in Diagnostics Connectors
30:31 Which Architecture is Best?
36:58 Closing Commentary

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