Become an ELECTRICAL ENGINEER in 2021? Salary, Jobs, Education

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0:32 – Electrical Engineer Education
1:43 – Electrical Engineer Salary
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Blog Post:

Become an electrical engineer in 2021? Electrical engineers are the engineers whose main task is to make sure that any product, object, vehicle, and equipment that need electricity to function are safe and running well. They create systems so that electricity can pass through electric wires without putting anyone in danger.

Should you be an electrical engineer? Let’s find out through these questions:

What is the average salary of an electrical engineer?
What is the job market like for electrical engineers? Would it be hard for you to get a job?
Would this occupation be compatible with your personality and interests?
What kind of education do you need to become an electrical engineer?
Let’s get started.

If electrical engineers hadn’t existed, keeping in touch with people would’ve been difficult, computers wouldn’t have existed, light bulbs wouldn’t have been invented, listening to your favorite songs would’ve required physical effort, people wouldn’t have an easier time visiting different places, and the list goes on.

A lot of things have now become accessible due to electrical engineering, indeed.

According to the Occupational Information Network, among the electrical engineers:

70% have a bachelor’s degree
23% have a master’s degree
7% have a master’s degree, other degrees, or other certifications
Compared to engineering managers, there are a lot more electrical engineers who have decided not to take further studies after college.

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