Basic Electrical Safety

sic Electrical Safety.

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  1. Beatriz Carreno says:

    Great video!

  2. Ray Gribbin says:

    By Far the BEST Industrial Electrical Familiarization / Safety Video on
    This video was however difficult to locate

  3. Durwa Thakur says:

    Hi Joe

    Great video

    i want to show this in my organistaion can i use this


  4. Lloyd Villanos says:

    thank you for this great video

  5. claudia lima says:

    Great video. Thank you!!

  6. Mike Capuano says:

    great video, I teach electrical at a trade school and I would love to share
    this with my students at school.

  7. substancep says:

    Probably the most engaging electrical safety video I’ve ever seen to date.
    Thank you Joe!

  8. Ali Karevan says:

    very good information for students safety

  9. habib nawab says:

    Great teacher …very informative. Way of explanation is pleasant..