Basic Circuit Power Practice Problems (Electrical Engineering)

Some fun, simple, basic practice problems to solve for the power used and supplied within a circuit! At least I try to make them fun with these four practice problems. In this video I use the power equation P=VI to solve for the power used by a resistor when we 1) don’t know the voltage across, 2) don’t know the current running through it, and 3) don’t know the resistor value. I also go through a problem to calculate how much power is supplied by a power source to the circuit. Here are the specific practice problems in detail:

1. If 2A of current is flowing through a resistor and the resistor has a 1V drop across it, how much power is the resistor consuming?

2. If there is a 1V drop across a 2k ohm resistor, how much power is the resistor consuming?

3. If 0.1mA of current flowing through a 3k ohm resistor, how much power is the resistor consuming?

4. If a 5V power supply (i.e. a battery) has 0.7mA of current being drawn from it, how much power is the supply providing the system?

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