AC and DC Electrical Rough-In: How We Wired our School Bus Conversion Ep 15

In this video we roughed in the electrical lines. I found a great source for Marine wire on Amazon and here’s what I bought (your needs may vary):

350 feet of Marine 12/2:
100 feet of Marine 14/2:
100 feet of Marine 12/3:
150 feet of Marine 14/3:

Wow that was a lot of wire $$$$$

You’ll also need one of these, they’re awesome:

And that’s really all you’ll need for tools. Besides maybe an impact driver. You might find good deals for these same wires on Ebay. I can tell you, that I’ve got some Marine 12/3 and 14/3 to sell on Ebay because I bought too much!! Last thing I bought was some zip ties from Lowes.

One thing to note: there is apparently a raging debate over whether you need to use stranded wire in a bus conversion or if household “Romex” wire is fine. Using Romex is MUCH MUCH cheaper. If you decide to do that, I think that’s mostly okay. A compromise would be using stranded wire but not marine grade like I did. I have a tendency to overdue it and get the best stuff, especially when I’m not that experienced with it. This marine wire is EXPENSIVE! But it’s also tinned so it won’t corrode at contact points. It’s stranded, so it’s not going to break when your bus does 30K miles vibrating through the country. Also, you don’t have to buy your 12V wire sheathed. This is just how I did it.

This Vlog was shot on a Sony a6000 with the kit lens:

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