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The Mini was made in Longbridge and the current Mini is made in Cowley, but the Swind-E is reimagined in Swindon, alongside hyper e-bikes, BTCC (British Touring Car) engines and a few other boundary-pushing projects.

This is a £79,000 old Mini so it is almost three times more expensive than the Mini-E Cooper Se I test drove in the last video. The price tag will make many scoff and scarper, but it can also act as a magnet for wealthy car enthusiasts who live where combustion engines are being outlawed. Perhaps this new breed of resto-mod classic EV will draw a new breed of old car appreciation for a gang of people who like the looks, but not the hassle of classic vehicles?

•Lithium Ion 24kWh battery pack
•Brushless electric motor producing 80kw of power (equiv 110hp)
•Fully charged in 4 hours via Type 2 connector (Fast charging option available)
•Range of 125 miles (200km) with regenerative braking system
•Top speed is 80mph (130km/h)
•0 to 60mph (0-100km/h) in 9.2 seconds
•30-50mph (50- 80 km/h) acceleration time of 4.3 seconds.
•Weight 720kg (increase of 80kg from starter car)
•Improved weight distribution (57/43 compared to 68/32% of the original car)
•No petrol tank means boot space is increased to 200 litres
•Standard features include USB charging ports, underfloor heating, heated leather seats and front and rear windscreen
•Options include infotainment and sat-nav system, power steering, a full-length sliding fabric roof, air conditioning, performance tuning packs and bespoke paint colours
•Choice of six standard colours with a contrasting roof

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Filmed and edited by Mark Taylor-Hankins https://twitter.com/inksharkman and Nick Poole

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