3-1-2013 Electrical question’s looking for advice.

Need some help with what I need to buy?

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  1. Greg's Garage says:

    Home Depot/Lowes sell a 100 amp panel that would be perfect for your
    garage. I’ll PM you my number. There are a few questions we should talk
    through to get you the right size and get you fixed up with the right
    pieces and parts. Square D is my preference.

  2. Buckswoodshop . says:

    Square D brand for sure.

  3. michael welch says:

    How are you going to finish the inside? If the inside is finished I would
    surface mount all the electrical and that means metal conduit/commercial.
    You have a girt 4′ off the floor every thing mounts to that. Conduit bends
    easy up to 1″ the benders (1/2 3/4 1″)can be rented. Its upgradeable and it
    looks good in a metal building like you have. It’s easier than it looks.
    200 hundred amps can run a 1500sq’ all electric house. 90% is bolting
    straight runs together

  4. epiphaknee says:

    I agree with Chief. You want a 200 amp box. It provides the maximum
    flexibility for the future. Square D is the manufacturer and they have an
    excellent reputation. Talk to your electrician now (the guy who will hook
    you up at the end and sign off). You know what you want and they can
    describe how to get there in under one hour. I’m going to recommend a cheap
    wiring book you can use as a reference too.

  5. epiphaknee says:

    One good book is Ugly’s Residential Wiring for about $20 on Amazon. The
    other book I will have to wait until I get home to post. Remember to use
    Google to shop. Start at Lowes, get the item numbers then go to Amazon and
    search and then use Google and search “discount [item number]” and see what
    things really cost. You should be able to save 10% to 20% or more.

  6. SILVERHORSE347 says:

    I do not know what they mean by 40 circuit, The Eaton/Cutler Hammer 200 amp
    is a great panel and great deal. I am an Industrial Electrician by trade.
    If you get the big one now you wont have to upgrade later. Just sayin, it
    is your call in the end.

  7. The Shade Tree Fix-it Man says:

    That box should be just what you need for what you have explained you
    planned to do as time progresses. Some of those “spaces” can be split, so
    theoretically, you could have a 30 space and 60 circuit box. Stick with the
    first one you showed, with 30 spaces and you can’t go wrong and stick with
    200 amp. Will you be having a separate service to your garage or will this
    be a sub panel off the house? If you want 200 amp you will have to have a
    dedicated service to the garage.

  8. The Shade Tree Fix-it Man says:

    If you already have 200 amp in the house you can sub out a 100 amp box in
    the garage.

  9. The Shade Tree Fix-it Man says:

    Oh, OK. I shouldn’t have offered that advice. I just know that my breaker
    panel has some split breakers running two circuits in one slot and assumed
    that you could do it on all of them. I am not an electrician. Thanks for
    correcting me on this one.

  10. bigaricj says:

    Thank you Greg I will send you my number.

  11. bigaricj says:

    I am learning so forgive my not knowing what you mean but MR.Porter is
    going to call and give me a lesson and he said the same thing as you. Thank
    you so much for your help I really truly mean that. Have a great day.

  12. bigaricj says:

    I will post a video that talks a bit about what my plans are and you nailed
    it I want it to look nice. Thank you so much for the help. Have a wonderful
    weekend and take care.

  13. bigaricj says:

    That is what I want my dad’s shop was a great big nice shop but they did
    not put in good electrical it sucked and they ran it out of the house off
    just a couple breakers and the house was 100 yards away and you would pop
    breakers all the time hated that so I would be happy to have more than
    needed. Thank you Chief. Have a great weekend.

  14. bigaricj says:

    I will get a book I have put in wires and light switches and outlets before
    but never have I done it from ground up. I am allowed per the building
    inspector to do all the wiring and put the switch box together I just have
    to hire someone to make the connection he told me that I could even just
    put in one light than have it hooked up then add on after that the
    inspector here is a great guy Square D is what I will get I will get some
    lessons from Mr.porter. Thank you for the help. Have a great day

  15. bigaricj says:

    Also I ran out of space on the other comment. Thank you for all your advice
    during this project it has helped a lot. Have a great weekend.

  16. bigaricj says:

    Yes I wanted a dedicated circuit for a compressor. I would love to start
    getting some bigger tools down the road so one being a lift and a nice
    welder so I want plenty of power available. Thank you buddy.

  17. bigaricj says:

    Great tip about the discount shopping I will most definitely do that and I
    will see if the local book store has that book or even lowes. I have been
    watching cragslist also and started looking at Ebay I am an amazon junkie
    love that site. Thank you.

  18. bigaricj says:

    That is why I put out the video so that I can make sure I don’t end up with
    some small panel that I will have to up grade. I would much rather have
    more than I need so that I only need to do this once. Thank you for the
    advice and have a great weekend.

  19. bigaricj says:

    From what I have been told I can only have one service with in city limits
    but that is just word of mouth not from the electric company. So if I can
    have a separate service I will so that I know I will have all the power I
    will ever need and that way I know how much my shop is costing me to run
    but if I have to have a sub panel I want the biggest bang for the buck.
    Thank you for all your help I fill blessed with all the help I get. Have a
    great weekend and take care.

  20. bigaricj says:

    Thank you for the info have a great weekend.

  21. Cheator40 says:

    Don’t know anything about electrical… sorry buddy.

  22. 1970chevelle396 says:

    I have a 100 amp main panel on my house. Then I have another garage in my
    back yard. What I want to do is put a 200 amp panel on the house. Then run
    a 100 amp subpanel to the garage. With a 100 amp panel you can put way more
    than 100 amps worth of breakers in it. I will only be using one thing at a
    time anyways. So I will never use more than 100 amps. To Put a 400 amp
    panel on the house would be a lot more work and money.

  23. bigaricj says:

    That is ok I am getting a lot of help but thank you for your continued
    support. Have a great week.

  24. bigaricj says:

    Yea I don’t want to redo my house panel and like you said I think the 100
    amp is going to be good but I still want to talk with the power company and
    see if I can have 2 services on my property. If I can have two services I
    will put a 200 amp panel on the shop/garage thank you for the help and have
    a great week.

  25. tomduncan1970 says:

    I prefer Square-D QO, that is just my preference. Anyway, I have 150A
    service to my house. The box was full so I added a subpanel. I buried 4ga
    copper to my garage. In the garage I have it’s own 12 space panel. Then I
    added several tandem breakers. So… in realty I have up to about 16
    breakers. Way more than I will ever need. Everything has its own breaker
    except my huge Electric Salemander heater. I had to direct wire it because
    it ALONE draws almost 50a. (It never gets used – too Expensive)