2014 NEC® – Electrical Fundamentals

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  1. ideaman99 says:

    Fantastic video. Thx. Mike.

  2. Luis Cosme says:

    Best video ever! Keep em’ coming! Thank you!

  3. Sean Craig says:

    Your best video mike. You made it easy to understand. I liked the just
    go drive a ground rod and hook it up . plz keep putting these on
    YouTube. We don’t make enough money to buy all your videos 

  4. francis w says:

    Loved the video I used to think that the ground rod could act as a pathway
    for the fault current now I know better thanks for posting these up:-D 

  5. jawojnicki says:

    PHENOMENAL! Mike, you are the ONLY person who ever explained that
    “grounding” actual means that the earth is being used as a CONDUCTOR to get
    electrons BACK to the SOURCE. I was so confused about how the current
    would just “die” or get “absorbed” by the earth. This FINALLY makes it
    clear. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  6. Jose Trinidad says:

    Great information.

  7. joseph LaRosa says:

    Great Video Mike!!!!!

  8. Jaii Raph says: