2014 Advice and warnings

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  1. crudeandrew says:

    Is Ammo precious metal, too? Isnt it possible to sell it in ten or twenty
    years and make a profit or sth?

  2. LivingHistorySchool says:

    there will be a large stock market correction “bubble burst” in 2014,
    that’s my prediction

  3. lookingupforjesus says:

    That’s my whole beef with real estate MP (prop tax), as I believe that you
    should OWN what you pay for, as opposed to paying a crap pot of cash just
    to be a serf on the king’s land.
    A thought I had, which obviously will never get any traction, is you’re on
    the hook for prop tax as long as a mortgage exists. Once that mortgage is
    paid off, so goes any obligation to continue to “rent” the land from govt.
    “Well what about fire and police services?” I hear that regularly….. Cut
    the fraud, waste and bloat out of govt, and sales taxes in whatever county
    would cover it all and then some.

  4. 911LexVegas says:

    A man who walks over a frozen river runs the risk of falling threw. A man
    who sits on the bank, for fear of falling threw may freeze to death. A wise
    man will crawl on his belly, slow and steady, if he realizes the ice is too
    thin he can change direction. A slow and steady pace insures he carefully
    plans his actions. he spreads is weight out over a large area. This is how
    you make money. Spread out the wealth and take a slow steady pace. No more
    than 25% in any one place.

  5. robe1kanobe says:

    Alot of good points once again. Made me think long and hard about changing
    some things. Thanks.

  6. tj m says:

    great vid 

  7. SayVandelay713 says:

    In Texas, working the hoe is a reward for good behavior. The only thing
    thats worse is the texas courts themselves

  8. tstatech says:

    Dirt roads and slaves? Really? Drop the propaganda…..
    Someday, statist will have as bad a connotation as anarchist.
    Otherwise a very informative video.

  9. 2012ouroboros says:

    Just a thought: though I was not there, but having studied the
    neo-con/aristocratic/central bank-warfare model (with a nod to Naomi
    Klein’s, The Shock Doctrine) disbanding the Iraqi army was not necessarily
    about ideology. Ideology was, rather, a useful mask to cover the real
    reason to disband, which was to wreak havoc. Havoc = a shocked population.
    A shocked population = opportunity to impose an entirely new economic
    order. An entirely new economic order = capturing yet another geo-strategic
    country (with resources the US planners covet) and pulling it irretrievably
    (they hope) into the western banking orbit, never to emerge.
    Put another way, out of chaos a new order can be fashioned. If you’ve got a
    new order already in mind, all you need is the chaos. If chance won’t
    provide that chaos, create it yourself. That was the thinking behind
    disbanding the Iraqi army – just part of the psy-op warfare to achieve
    political objectives.

  10. Billy Kulik says:

    Great vid as always MP! Am I the only one who talks back to MP during his
    vids? LOL

    IMO, the only sound investment these days is real estate. Get liquid ASAP.
    Start throwing whatever you can at your mortgage. You’ll still have to
    pay your property taxes which will FEEL like A LOT by the time the dollar
    goes belly up. Make small sacrifices now or feel the HUGE impact all at
    once when it hits the fan :)

  11. LondonCrusader says:

    A dollar bill is not a note of credit.

    All money is debt.

    The more money you have..the more you owe.

    Most people can’t grasp that concept…most never will.

  12. Learn To Grow says:

    Glad I found your channel MP…thank you for another great video and

  13. dawnswindow2237 says:

    FYI M.P. and anyone else…there is an excellent video posted today titled:
    “Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: If the Currency Collapses & You Try to Flee Into
    Gold, There Won’t Be Any.” Channel: Greg Hunter. It’s an important one to
    watch all the way through.

  14. JonasVideoReview says:

    Once again an outstanding video with a very important message. I am
    subscribed to you since about 8 month or even more. Thanks for uploading.

  15. livingready69 says:

    Be careful about saying real estate will go up in value because during the
    Great Depression it crashed. Also if we have inflation and interest rates
    go up, real estate values could fall because monthly payments go up and
    become less affordable.

  16. THExSCHAFFER says:

    fukushima radiated tuna not to good of an investment anymore as well as
    other seafood. also look into the higher radiation levels from fukushima
    debris feild that just hit the west coast. gov. just bought 14 million
    doses of potassium iodine maybe we should get some. i recommend alex
    jones’s nasent iodine its way healthy-er than the potassium. 

  17. Stephen Russell says:

    Very, very sorry to hear about your sister. She is (and has been) in God’s
    hands. You are really handling everything you have been through very well
    – much better than most would, I bet. Keep doing what you are doing.
    Leading by example is not always easy, but you are doing it well.

  18. FriedmanSalvation says:

    I hope everyone knows that this is simply the opinion of someone who is 1)
    on the government pension system and a government servant his entire life,
    and 2) WICKEDLY misinformed. Take this guys opinion with a grain of salt. 

  19. MAINEPREPPER says:

    FriedmanSalvation Calling my subscribers “dumbass” is unacceptable. I
    tried to send you a warning on your channel but you are an intellectual
    coward and have blocked messages accordingly. You are banned from the
    channel. Now go and whine about how you got blocked for disagreeing with

    By the way, insulting people and making smirking, denigrating comments is
    not the same thing as dissent. 

  20. John Belt says:

    I agree that past obligations should be honored. However, just because
    someone was promised something in the past does not mean that everyone in
    the future gets the same deal. In other words, if people want to alter
    pensions and social security for FUTURE generations, that’s fine. New
    person, new contract.

    Also, as far as Social Security, it is a horrible ‘investment’. The return
    is about 2%. I can get better returns on a passbook savings account. Why
    should I let the government, who is stealing the money anyway, have 12.5%
    of my pay to ‘invest’? I would rather have that money in my pocket where I
    can invest it or spend it as I see fit. 

  21. Frenchis Giuliano says:

    Where do I put 400 thousand immediately ? Currently in merrill lynch 

  22. Raziel says:

    I stumbled onto your channel by accident, and became damn near an instant
    subscriber, great stuff, thanks for the Intel, and for your service

  23. dunnp12 says:

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  24. Bob white says:

    Well Done!

  25. Enzo Canuzzi says:

    I think you have also a problem in your voting system, which supports the
    polarisation of your society. Your majority voting system produced a two
    party system. With a proportional representation there will be more
    parties, which have to form coalitions and people are not divided so
    easily. It’s also more difficult to buy into politics.